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St. Johns Chapel Ruin Revisited

Last summer I took a trip to photograph an old Episcopal church ruin located alongside a quiet country road. It’s name is St. John’s Chapel, located just west of the town of Easton, MD. It’s over the bridge on Unionville Road / Rt. 370, a smaller... read more

Ebenezer Church & Cemetery

This past weekend we got a break from winter and had a lovely, sunny day. So I took advantage of it and took a drive around the Smyrna DE countryside to see what I might come across.  What I stumbled upon was this wonderful abandoned church and cemetery.  Directly... read more

My First Visit to Cape Henlopen

Though I’m sitting at home in the middle of a nasty snowstorm, I can’t complain a whole lot since it’s been a really mild winter up until only about a week or so ago.  I was sitting on my porch in my jammies at Christmas, and was wonderfully... read more

Fine Art Photography

FINE ART & PERSONAL PROJECTS: After leaving Philadelphia and moving to a smaller community in Delaware, I made the decision to focus on fine art photography. Being surrounded with both water and farmland presents me with plenty of opportunities to capture some exquisite subjects. I also find a tremendous amount of beauty in the weathered, aged and ruined. I also have a ton of fun photographing splashing liquids, rusty old cars or anything else that seems to consistently capture my attention and imagination.  I’m finding the pursuit of fine art photography more rewarding and pleasurable. There is absolutely no pressure – I get to do what I want, how I want and when I want – can’t beat that!

Portrait & Commercial Photography

PEOPLE: Portrait work includes fashion and publicity shots for actors, models and musicians, as well as beauty / boudoir images. I’m strongest when creating artistic portrait photographs for both commercial and personal use.

PETS: I’m a huge animal lover and am comfortable around several different species of critters, with an appreciation for each pet’s unique nature. I’ve been a volunteer photographer at different animal shelters, where I try to show that each animal is wonderful and special, in the hopes of helping each find their forever home.

PRODUCTS: I had specialized in jewelry photography for many years, though I’ve recently “retired” from this niche. I’m keeping some jewelry images on my website for historical purposes. Other products include a range of things such as architecture, glassware, hand-made art items, etc. 


“Artist and Professional Photographer Colleen D. Gjefle captures the essence of her subjects like no other. Her unique artistic vision gives each photo something special”… Rita Strough, host of Talk’n’Angels radio show

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“The photos make me see for the first time really what I never see, what other people see that I don’t see. They’re just stunning. I swear to God I feel like crying, I love them so much. Thank you!” … Natalie Mazzu Stone, Bella’s Biscotti