my dogs

Those that are still on the Earth plane…

BellaGizmo is my adorable chihuahua/terrier mix. He’s only 9 pounds, but of course, thinks he’s a rottweiler. He has the cutest way of begging by sitting up and waving his front paws.  He’s got the funky, groovy natural mohawk and a perfect snaggle tooth! With the mohawk and the ears, his name came from his resemblance to Stripe, the bad gremlin from the movie Gremlins. But he’s not evil in the least, so he gets the name Gizmo from the nice gremlin character. He’s more of a one-person dog than most, but since I’m his human, this doesn’t bother me in the least!



BellaSheba is the latest member of the family. She’s a gorgeous black pitbull who is still quite shy. She scares very easily and is quite timid, but that’s because she came from an abusive situation. She loves to snuggle up close and rest her head on my lap. She’s also quite a bed hog! I’m still getting to know beautiful Sheba, but I know that she will really be a fantastic dog when she gains her confidence!

And those that have passed on…

Though they were of different species than myself, they all over-flowed with love and taught me so much about what is important in life. Through simply knowing them, they have all made me a better person than what I would have been otherwise. I look forward to one day being with them again.

BellaBella – died August 1, 2018

Bella was a sweet little papillion mix. She came to me when a young family had to give her up because of their daughter’s allergies and work/school schedules keeping Bella home alone for too long. They knew it wasn’t fair to Bella, so they granted me the pleasure of becoming her mom.

Bella was only a little over 20 pounds but you’d never know it – she would fill a room up when she entered! She was a dainty little thing with a load of energy, though she was always very happy to snuggle up on the couch. She had a little crooked tooth that gives her a cute little sneer (her Billy Idol grin). This little imperfection made her all the more perfect!  She was a real gazer too – she locked her eyes to yours and would keep looking and looking. She was the ultimate people lover and I loved her so much in return.

Pitunya 0665 - my dogsPitunya – died December 30, 2016

Pitunya was a gorgeous gray pit bull.  I spotted in wandering on my street.  It’s very unusual seeing stray dogs wandering around my part of town, so she immediately caught my attention. Then when I saw that she was skin and bones, practically a walking skeleton, I had to go over to see how I could help her. I found out later that several people in the neighborhood saw her, but all were afraid to approach her. I wasn’t and as soon as I saw her eyes, I knew she was no threat. She was terrified and starved, and had recently had puppies. I assumed she had been kicked out after giving birth, or else escaped to try to find food. I decided to keep her as I began to see that she was a very gentle dog.  Her sweetness soon came out, and after putting on weight and getting healthy, her energy and puppiness came out as well. She passed away very unexpectedly at only about 4 years old. She passed away in her sleep and here at home – where she was most content and happy.

eleanorEleanor – died May 16, 2016.

Eleanor was a little cockapoo who was a breeding dog in a puppy mill. She came to me terrified of everything and was frightened of people for the longest time. Despite her fears she kept continuing to become a little braver every day. Now, after 6 years with me, she is finally starting to act more like a “normal” dog.  She enjoys her walks and getting petted (she used to be afraid of being touched, so this is monumental).  I call her my “little Lamb” as she really does look like one with her curly buff colored fur.  She is very dainty looking, but man, can that little girl snore! Somehow, that just makes her all the more charming! I’ve documented much of Eleanor’s progress and you can see her videos on my youtube page.

After so many years of working with Eleanor to try to get her as healed as possible, she really came around during her final year when she started acting pretty much like a normal, undamaged dog. I’m so grateful to have traveled this road with her and feel honored that the Universe chose me to help her.

chamberlainChamberlain – Died June 2, 2014

Was a spunky little black & white cocker spaniel. He’s a little character who loves to have his butt scratched and whines most dramatically when he wants a treat. He was a stray but adapted to life in a doggy household very nicely. He’s totally blind now, but you’d never know it as he just charges ahead with no hesitation! Here he is with his ear bandaged after surgery.

calypsoCalypso – Died July 13, 2013

A little cocker with the sweetest personality. She had been a stray living on the “lovely” streets of Camden NJ. She was very happy to have a home and a pack. She smiled a lot and really loved our walks. She was a very “nosey” little walker – always having to check out every nook and cranny. One habit I could never break her of was grabbing anything that might be edible that was on the ground. I guess she developed that habit during her life as a stray, and I was never able to break her of it. She was such a doll and I really miss her.

remmieRembrandt – Died June 17, 2008

A sweet, boisterous cocker mix, Remmie was always happy and smiling! He never stopped being a puppy & bore a distinct resemblance to a teddy bear, both figuratively and physically. He was a 45-lb goofball with a knack for getting into trouble, especially where food was involved. I’m still not certain if he was the smartest dog I’ve ever had or the dumbest!  But he was definitely the most vibrant! He passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. Even years after his passing, it still seems like he should be here with me – I guess he is in Spirit. He was the most cheerful and ALIVE creature I have ever had the privilege of knowing and he taught me so much about loving life.

snow-esmeralda-closeupEsmeralda – Died March 1, 2008

My blind, one-eyed cocker was boss of the house! When I stretched out on the couch she’d crawl up and lay down on top of me – I was glad she never tried to “fluff” me like she did everything else she laid on! When she wanted to be petted, she’d relentlessly paw at her intended target until they gave in. She’d lay in front of the pantry door where the dog food bowls were, preventing the other dogs from getting to the food until they’d come crying. And she did a cute sniper crawl to scratch her tummy.

sparkleSparkles – Died August 17, 2004

Sparkles, a smart and intuitive little creature who was, without a doubt, an angel on earth. I’m sure this little mutt could read my mind. Several years ago I had to leave her with my parents while I spent an extended period of time in Europe. She knew I was leaving and she crawled under a chair, sat with her head down and her eyes sorrowfully looking up at me. It broke my heart, but when I came back and we were re-united, it was the last time we were apart for more than a few hours. She will always be my special one.

zenZen – Died July 26, 2001

Zen, my great little pig-headed mutt who had a knack for escaping and finding trouble. He was in bad shape when I adopted him, with bruises and cigarette burns on his body. That’s why he was named Zen – a name to help give him peace and healing. It took months for him to come out of his shell, but once he gained his confidence, his adventurous spirit came out. He loved to hide his doggy treats to save them for later. When we visited my parents, Mom would still find his treats hidden away months after we’d been there.

siennaSienna – Died Feb. 25, 2000

My sweet and sloppy English cocker. She loved greeting me with one of my pillows chewed up in her mouth. She was a breeding dog in a backyard puppy mill and had lots of physical problems stemming from that sad start to her short life. I was privileged to help make the last couple of years of her life filled with security and love. She adored having her ears rubbed and would make the most gratifying vocalizations during the entire process.