One of the things I’ve been loving about my new home in Delaware and on the Delmarva (Delaware-Maryland-Virgina) peninsula is that we’re surrounded by water.  There’s the Delaware bay, only 8 miles east of my home, the Chesapeake Bay due west and the Atlantic Ocean.  And there are plenty of rivers and lakes as well, including Lake Como right in the middle of my new hometown of Smyrna DE along with the Smyrna River and Duck Creek. 

Of course, with “water, water everywhere”, there are plenty of great photo opportunities, including the wildlife that makes its home in the mixture of fresh, brackish and salt water.  We have the typical sandy beaches as well as (my favorite) the pebble beaches and (not quite so favorite but still interesting) squishy, gooey, green slimy beaches.

All photos © Colleen D. Gjefle