fog woodland 30 - blog

Foggy Morning Glory

I took these photos early in the morning when there was a particularly dense fog. It presented an irresistible photo opportunity! When I woke up and saw the super heavy thick fog in the morning, I had to grab the camera and drive out to Woodland Beach, which is about...

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Joes Garage - blog

Forgotten in Delmarva #1

I can’t resist old derelict and abandoned buildings. There’s so many different reasons why they intrigue people – a sense of history, a pondering of who lived there, a fascination with decay or the ultimate triumph of time and the elements over the man-made.

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beach 29 - blog

Beaches & Beauty

One of the things I've been loving about my new home in Delaware and on the Delmarva (Delaware-Maryland-Virgina) peninsula is that we're surrounded by water.  There's the Delaware bay, only 8 miles east of my home, the Chesapeake Bay due west and the Atlantic Ocean. ...

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bw flower 15 - blog

Black & White Flowers 2015

Every now and then I do a series of flowers in black and white. We always think COLOR when it comes to flowers, but black & white gives them a different dimension, with the plant's delightful texture and shape becoming more prominent. It's a chance to look at...

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nightscape 1690 - blog

Nightscape at Longwood Gardens

Last weekend I caught the final evening of the "Nightscape" exhibition at Longwood Gardens with a couple of good friends.  I have to say it was totally awesome! I've never seen a light show like this before, with the plants being backdrops for moving lights and new...

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adams family house2 - blog

Halloween Houses!

Just can't resist an old wrecked house! Especially during Halloween! These are just a few of the terrific decrepit, falling-down buildings I've photographed over the years, but these are all fairly recent ruins I've come across. Of course, I have to note that the...

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Assateague oct2015 148 - blog

An Afternoon at Assateague

I have wanted to go down to Assateague / Chinoteague Island since I moved down to Delaware. I had been waiting until after the "tourist season", and finally made the roughly 2 hour drive down on a comfortably cool October weekend. The sky was fluctuating between...

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happiness project 138 - blog

Happiness Project

The Happiness Project Music Festival is an annual event that was held this past Saturday (9/19/2015) at the Painted Stave Distillery in Smyrna DE, with the purpose of raising awareness of mental health. It was an all-day event and since I had a busy day, I could only...

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wine tasting painted stave 135 - blog

Wine Tasting in Smyrna

I'm still getting used to my new hometown of Smyrna, DE but I've made some very nice new friends. Through one of these new friends, I received an invitation to the Smyrna Downtown Renaissance Association's annual wine tasting fundraiser. The fundraiser included a...

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IMG 9488 89 90 tonemapped - blog

Drive Along Vandyke Greenspring Road

My friend Jan took me on a drive along scenic Vandyke Greenspring Road that starts along the outskirts of Smyrna and runs northwest to the Maryland border, where it becomes Sassafras Caldwell Road.  She wanted to show it to me because its so pretty, with interesting...

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chesapeake city 2015 car show 147 - blog

Chesapeake City Car Show 2015

Chesapeake City, MD hosts a massive car show organized by their Lion’s Club. There were over 600 vehicles just screaming to be photographed! The town itself also presented many great photo opportunities, including a large boat being guided under the magnificent Chesapeake Bridge by a vibrant red tugboat.

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IMG 6434 tonemapped - blog

Drive Along Rt. 33 on Tilghman’s Island

The destination of my photo journey was the ruins of St. John's Chapel outside of Easton, MD, but it was not the end of my trek.  After photographing the ruined church, I followed Maryland Route 33 to the end of Tilghman's Island and back. It was a fun day with some...

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