My friend Jan took me on a drive along scenic Vandyke Greenspring Road that starts along the outskirts of Smyrna and runs northwest to the Maryland border, where it becomes Sassafras Caldwell Road.  She wanted to show it to me because its so pretty, with interesting things along its length. She was right, and I went back a few days later with my camera. On the drive with Jan, we stopped short of Maryland, but I continued on and found myself in teeny tiny Sassafras MD. From there I headed in a north along 299 to Warwick MD and captured a few more photos.

I am always attracted to the rusty, old, falling-apart, so there are plenty of those, along with some pretty rural scenery. I’m always amazed at the little surprises that one finds driving along a simple country road.

There are a lot of images in this gallery, so please be patient while they all load up.

All images © Colleen D. Gjefle