design & restoration

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It’s inevitable that paper photographs are damaged, torn, or simply deteriorate from age. Now it’s easier than ever to restore or correct a photo.  Below are of photos I’ve restored, some which date back to the mid-1800’s.

BELOW: The original 1950s black & white image had a fold that had begun tearing. It also includes the type of muted coloring seen with color images from the same time period.

Faded photo with creases and some light stains (yes, this is my first grade picture) :

A typical Polaroid photo with characteristic discoloring and cracking:

Very old photo that’s faded and stained, but good details could still be salvaged:

Original still had good contrast, but was heavily spotted. The final was also colorized:

Obviously the original antique photo was in quite poor condition, including ink numbers over some of the figures, which I removed in the final product. Click on either picture to see a larger version:


Here’s a detail shot of the damaged lower right corner:

retouching/correcting a contemporary portrait

The original photo of this lovely little lady was way too dark, so she had to be lightened while keeping the background dark and her skin a realistic tone: