I’m starting out on a collaboration with another female photographer who has a style similar to mine. Her professional name is Marla Red and our website is Black & White Beauty Photography.

We had a test shoot a few days ago, using lovely Rene as a model and Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s as inspiration.  In addition to our planned model, our makeup artist, Helen, is a beauty as well, so we convinced her to model as well. Since this was a “trial run” and not a paid photo shoot, it gave me the perfect opportunity to pull out a mosquito net that I had gotten from eBay for around $3 including the shipping.  I thought it could lend itself to some cool shoot-through effects.  As it turned out, it was neat not only for that, but it made for an interesting backdrop as well.

So with no further ado, below are photos of Rene ala Hepburn and Helen with the mosquito net. I’m also throwing in a photo video I did of Rene’s images as well.

Photos by Colleen D. Gjefle / © 2011 / GJFOTO.com 

You can see a larger version of the video below at http://youtu.be/jafZ8FedBko