Got a new lens – a Canon f1.8 50mm lens that is inexpensive but gets great reviews.  I got it used off ebay for a great deal and now it’s time to play!

Photos by Colleen D. Gjefle / © 2011 /
1/1/2012. Having fun with my Sigma 50mm f2.8 macro lens.
The photo is taken hand-held in available light and features an old “baby booze bottle” circa 1980.

1/2/2012. This is a different view of a photo I took several months ago.
The reflections and nearly horizontal angle of this print makes a cool image on its own, IMHO.

1/3/2012. Using the same print as above, I focus in on my name, using a very
shallow depth of field and the reflections from the window to create a semi-abstract image.

1/4/2012. I really love this! Once again it’s using a really shallow depth of field and a muslin cloth full of wrinkles to create an image that reminds me of the hills and dunes of a desert.