Recently I was on a photo outing with a fellow photographer (Marla of Marla Red Photography). We went back to my old neighborhood to visit a great old forgotten cemetery, get shots of the classic arched railroad bridge, and finally, go to an old railroad station and a huge, abandoned stone factory. This last stop was the one I was most anticipating. It’s been 2 years since I moved into a different part of town, and I wanted to get back to grab some new shots of this fabulous old relic of history.

But to my chagrine, Marla and I turned the corner to be greeting by… NOTHING. “They” had torn down the two large buildings that stood side-by-side, both part of the historic Shawmont Waterworks, which pumped water from the canal to the Roxborough reservoir. From what I could find online, it had been torn down only a couple months before. We knew it was recently done anyhow, since the tire tracks over what was once the foundation were still very fresh and distinct.

So I am posting my ode the the old waterworks, never to be photographed again.