A very cool public art exhibit just ended in Philadelphia – the Open Air project.  It was a unique interactive light display. People recorded a message, and that message was transformed into light patterns which varied in intensity and direction depending on the individual voice’s frequency and volume.

According to the website, this display could potentially be seen from 10 miles away depending on atmospheric conditions.  My mom was in town for her vacation, so we went to the Philly Art Museum to not only catch this show, but also see the Art Museum, Waterworks and Boathouse Row in their nightly splendor.

Below are some of the shots I took of this unique exhibition.  I’m very pleased to live in a city where public art has a long and strong tradition.

All photos © Colleen D. Gjefle, 2012

Here are a few photos in the area of the Art Museum, unrelated to the Open Air light show. It’s a lovely area during the day and breath-taking at night.  The photo below is the rear of the Art Museum with the Romanesque designed Waterworks in the foreground.

Below is Boathouse Row. Not as crisp as I’d like – on a technical note, one annoyance was that it was quite windy and instead of taking my heavy duty tripod, I took my lightweight one, which did shake slightly from time to time with the wind gusts.  The heavy duty one gets VERY HEAVY VERY QUICKLY, so when doing a fair amount of walking, I take the lightweight tripod. So even though it’s not as crisp as I’d like, it still makes for a decent “scrapbook” photo.

Below is a view with Philly city hall as the center of attention. Too bad about the large truck sitting in the parking lot behind the statue!

A few fellow onlookers enjoying Open Air on the steps of the Art Museum.

I have to include a final photo with my Mom.  Or should I say “Ghost Mom”.  I had a long exposure with a shutter speed of 3.2 seconds, so when she moved, I got the ghosting effect. I don’t mind it – just call it “artistic” and then it’s fine!