This past weekend I decided to head due west to see where I ended up. Of course, living on a peninsula, I knew I’d reach the Chesapeake Bay, but that’s a fairly large and vague destination. But sometimes it’s fun to just pick a road or a direction to see where it leads to. 

The place I ended up was Rock Hall, MD, a lovely coastal town at I found myself at when I reached the end of Maryland Route 20. I drove around a bit and it looks like a cute little town center and some scenic farmland outside it. But of course, the waterfront is the real attraction. It was a beautiful sky with the type of wispy but still distinct clouds that I find totally irresistible. Even better, it was close to sunset! So I decided to hang around for Mother Nature’s light show.

I had a cup of coffee and snack at restaurant that was right on the dock facing west, so I could keep tabs on the sky and setting sun. Once the sun started to fire up, it was time to get out and get some photos.  The colors were remarkable and the water amplified the spectacle so magnificently!

Photos © Colleen D. Gjefle