For those who don’t already know, I’m a transplanted Philadelphian. When I have the time and sanity, I try to follow what’s happening here and there in the city. One of the local publications I follow is Philadelphia Weekly. In addition to the online and hardcopy editions of this publication, there are also a few blogs, including PWStyle blog. I’ve following this blog for awhile and I recently offered a beauty shoot in the hopes of getting a review. Instead of a simple little blog review, I was extremely happy with a 2-parter. Let me say, I absolutely LOVE the titles – “Embracing my Inner Sex Kitten”. (I guess that’s why these guys are writers and I’m a photographer.)

My “victim” was “Ms. N” (I’m protecting my source!), a Philly Weekly reporter/blogger/listing editor (busy girl!) who was not only photogenic, but very sweet. We got her all dolled up at Chroma Hair Gallery, which is just a few minutes walk from my little studio.

I didn’t know what “Ms. N” would have with to wear, but I normally don’t find out until my clients arrive. I was delighted to see her bring a 1950’s style red polka dot dress that was totally charming. We’re off to a great start! “Ms. N” took a few minutes to settle down, but that’s normal. She not only settled down, but took wonderful, beautiful portraits, as I’m showing below. I always have fun with photo shoots and from the blogs, I’m happy to say that “Ms. N” had fun too.

Below are a few of my favorite photos from our session. Enjoy!

Love & Peace,
Colleen (

Photos by Colleen D. Gjefle / © 2011 /