Most people would just throw out a broken wine glass, but not me! At least not when I can use it in other creative ways. How did the glass get broken? Well, I was using it to get some fun water shots.  I got several nice shots, but then I got clumsy and knocked it off  the light stand it was clamped onto.  Oops…

I wasn’t too upset though, since I knew I could use it otherwise.  So the first photos below are a couple of “before” shots, followed with an “after” shot, using the broken remains for a another water shot. Finally, I use it as a prop to show off a couple of gemstone rings, courtesy of Trendsetters of Delaware.

For those of you who are wondering, I didn’t use a strobe or flash to capture these images, but instead used continuous lighting so I could use a slow enough shutter speed to capture the interesting shapes created by the movement of the bubbles in the water.

All photos © Colleen D. Gjefle, 2012






And if you’re curious, below is my favorite photo from the shoot,
using a different wine glass and a cherry.